The city of happiness is growing

The city of happiness, Palm City boosts its popular appeal with its 2nd and 3rd stage projects. Having gained an exclusive place for the comfort choice of Antalya since the day its foundations laid, Palm City continues to expand with the addition of two exciting new projects: Premium, including villas each of which has a large private garden and elegant details of comfort, and Modern, which offers the solution of terraced villas. They are Palm City’s new comfort choices…

In this city, there is definitely an address for happiness for your taste, too. We hope to see you!


Wouldn’t you want your child to begin life at a preschool, which has internationally recognized certificates on education, and where the language of instruction is English? And what if he/she commutes to school by bicycle? Palm City’s preschool and school-age children are not only provided with learning experiences at the ICCA Palmiye Private Elementary School, founded within the Palm City Complex, they also lay the foundations of global friendships.


Palm City: A city where you live your life by your own choices! This new stage promises to deliver new thrills with comfort choices that you always dream, full range of social facilities where you enjoy every moment to the full, and the feeling of security and peace… This city will cast a spell on everyone!


Palm City Sports Centre welcomes you as you leave the exhausting city life behind. The residents of Premium and Modern can have an access to the Sports Centre through annual membership. Covering a total area of 6,500 m² including 800 m² of indoor area, the sports complex offers fully-equipped facilities including two outdoor and one indoor swimming pool, a fitness centre, tennis courts, football fields, basketball courts, a squash court, table tennis and snooker. A complete infrastructure and dynamism… Here is Palm City Sports Centre.


Palm City residents live peacefully due to private residential security, which is provided through aesthetic and technological solutions. Palm City is for those who know that real comfort comes from security as it is surrounded with electric boundary walls up to 2 meters high and 24-hour area patrols.

  • Bora Hızal @bora_hizal

    Palm City is the most special residential project in Antalya. Built as the first stage of the project, Palm City villas have been providing us with incomparable joy and pleasures for 7 years.

  • Catherine S. @cath_s

    We are currently renting a house in Laguna Houses, and looking forward to moving to our villa, which will meet all our needs, when the Palm City Modern is completed.

Technical Features

Raft foundation, construction technology resistant to earthquakes and other adverse natural conditions, triple glazed thermally insulated aluminium joinery, exterior thermal sheathing, floor insulation between Ytong walls (floating floor system), Aquatherm potable water installation, silent waste water treatment facility, low-voltage relay, generator, lightning rod

Comfort & Life

Central air conditioning system, Fire and Burglary alarms, 110 ton water tank, lift (quiet, hydraulic and automatic folding door), closed garage, waste water treatment system (four phases), 2 indoor parking lots, Palm City Sports Center, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, paddling pool, sauna, tennis court, table tennis, snooker, squash, basketball and volleyball courts, step/aerobic studios, restaurant, hair dresser, massage parlour.

The first stage of the project includes 5 types of California villas with private gardens covering up to an area of 1,500 m². Laguna Houses have their own private lake, situated in amazing landscape. And Palm Suits are designed for small and happy families. Palm City Antalya, with its sale and renting procedures being completed, still continues being the most preferred comfort choices in the city.

Modern, one of the new projects of Palm City, were specifically designed for small families to enjoy the comfort of houses with garden with affordable prices. Planned as terraced villas, Palm City Modern includes 176 duplex houses. Families will live in the most modern houses of Palm City and make the most of their own sports facilities.

Palm City, whose residents are prominent families of Antalya, continues its fame of comfort with the project of Premium. Designed in 5 different types, and situated in a large private garden for large families, Premium villas will be the most luxurious reflection of the Palm City happiness!

You might find choosing difficult…

Premium or Modern? Due to Palm City’s unique social facilities, super construction quality and high-level design philosophy, one of our new projects will definitely provide you, too, with the comfort of happiness that you are looking for. But which one?